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We are Photogram

Photogram.pro is an automated online platform, which utilizes photogrammetry in order to create georeferenced 3D-models from videos and photos. Cloud computing enables the processing of big amounts of data in the shortest possible time. The scalability of serverless technologies enables a wide range of applications. Special emphasis lies on the developement of functions in the areas of infrastructure, civil engineering and site construction. The focus of further development is currently the implementation of machine learning, as well as mixed reality and augmented reality.

The only constant
is progress

The Team

Alex Walder
Head of Development
Matthias Keim, dott.
Head of 3D-Planning
Jonas Pedrotti, Dipl.-Ing.
Full Stack Development
Martin Kofler, B.Sc.
Geodesy, Development
Manik Reichegger, Dipl.-Ing.
Full Stack Development
Moritz Messner
Full Stack Development
Nonyelum Ndefo, Ph.D.
Full Stack Development
Tamas Csikvar, B.Sc.
Full Stack Development
Okan Güclü
Sonja Blasbichler
Technical Sales
Graziano Tavormina
Full Stack Development
Damiano Mancini, B.Sc.
Technical Sales
Michael Obernberger, Ing.
Carmen Arnold
Vitalie Buruiana, B.Sc.